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Looking Outside #2

Another shot from my studio looking outside onto the backyard.  8"x10" on stretched canvas.

Looking Outside

This is an is a direction that has been pulling at me for some time now.  My intention is to paint a series of indoor paintings and this is one where I am looking outside of my studio.   I just am not sure yet.  I love abstraction so much and this is definitely heading in that direction.  I did paint over a painting and so the surface is quite bumpy.  That isn't necessarily bad.  I went back into this painting and now I feel that I have captured the feeling of looking outside onto and very sunny morning.  I am also exploring softening the edges and adding a little more atmosphere.

My Satin Shoes

Satin shoes.....ahhh they really are luscious.  They were a birthday gift years ago and I only wear them on special occasions.  I am a fan of shoes.  I love to see how women pair them with an outfit.  I think that they have so much character.  You can really tell a lot about the wearer of shoes....the kind of personality that they have.  Shoes take on a life of their own!  This painting is roughly 8x8 inch square.  This is a Gouache painting on Bristol board.

Night Interior

Night time scenes are interesting to interpret.  To create the illusion of night I had to establish very deep values.  In creating the light I used a little bit of white mixed with an ochre and cadmium yellow medium.  I don't often work with such deep values and so it was a challenge for me to deepen them sufficiently.  I chose to use black to help deepen the colors a little.  This is my dining room/office.  I set up my lap top at this table and so I am her often.  If you believe that rooms have energy....well, this room holds a very comforting energy to me.  The big window on the left looks right out onto a pretty pond.  Well, it used to be a nice Lake, but overtime the algae has turned it more into a pond.  Several years ago there were 2 alligators living there......scary!!  I know that they say that they won't bother you if you leave them alone but, I have dogs and they are a delicacy to an alligator.  They were removed, but gosh you never know when one will show up. 

Orange Interior

This is a little 5"x 7" gouache painting on Arches watercolor paper.  I want to redo this one and work a little bit more of the layout....I can simplify and make it stronger.  I hauled all of my paints in my house and worked from life.  It was fun....but sometimes it is tough getting right to the essence when there is soooo much information.

Peony Revisited

These were peonies that were rejected in the choosing of the ommission paintings.  I painted 4 extra and so I had plenty for the customer to choose from.  I decided to go back into the unfinished paintings and beef them up a bit.  THEY SOLD  I am very happy with the way that they turned out.  What do you think?  I think I need to let things rest for a while before deciding they are done.  By the end of the commission marathon I was tired and so they were not as good as the earlier ones.  A week away and fresh eyes really helped.