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Salt Marsh I

Well, folks....I will be out of a computer again for several weeks.  So I will post what I can until I don't have a way to do so.  This is an 8"x 10" oil on stretched canvas.  Low country scenes are always fun to paint.  My husband shot this image this past summer. I have learned that varying the size and direction and thickness of paint makes for a better, more interesting painting.  I achieved some of this in this painting, but I think it needs more variation.  So many things to think about while trying to keep it altogether. Oh, did I tell you that I cleaned out my Etsy shop....yep...threw out half of the paintings into the trash bin.  It felt good to rid myself of paintings that I didn't think measured up and to give my shop and new face.  If you would like to take a peek.... Sometimes I think that just shaking things up a bit is good.  Many of the paintings that were left were very old and looked over for a number of years.  Fal

Black Hollyhocks

Well it looks like I may be back new computer has some issues that need to be resolved....but at least I can post. This little 6"x 6" painting is painted on a Gessobord and will be for sale in my Etsy shop when completely dry. I have used the time away from my computer to paint my heart out and will be posting many new paintings. I have missed my blog and want to thank you for sticking through this difficult period which I hope is finally over.

Final Days of Summer

Still trying to find my balance...because I love brushwork I often use too much of it and my images appear graphic or like cut outs  I am working with this and trying to soften edges and provide more variety in my paintings.  Old habits are tough to break however so it is going to be difficult.  It is not meant to be a complaint only an assessment of where I am and where I would like to be and go. 


Another try at the setup.  Working very hard with color notes....trying to capture what I see.