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Summer Bouquet

This was a nice set up to work from. I chose a larger format and enjoyed the increase in size. With this painting I did an underpainting and was careful to plan more fully. I determined the key that I wanted the painting and worked my color from there. In particular, I enjoyed painting the flowers and the pattern on the background paper. 12"X12" Oil Stretched canvas

Watermelon and Bottles

I'm not sure what to say about this gave me fits. I finally just hinted at the bottles and in some ways I like them only faintly gestured in. 8X8 Oil Canvas panel


I have begun to re-evaluate my painting strategy and I find that things are troubling me. I am ending up with some mud at times and my brushstrokes get lost in too much mark making. I painted this petunia one stroke at a time. It was tempting to kind of mussshh around, but, I kept things clean. I was pretty happy with the results. 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Roasted Peppers

Jello paper cut painting

Many monthes ago there was a challenge to paint a dish of jello and a spoon...I never entered this piece and while rummaging around I found the paper painting and thought that it was nice enough to show. Funny how distance from something changes our perspective.

Water Lily in Red Vase

This Ruby Red vase from mid century is one of my favorite items. The water lily looked exceptional in the vase. 8X8 Oil Canvas Panel

Vaseline Vase and Cherries

I keep painting this vase in a variety of different lighting conditions, and paired with other objects because I LOVE it! I liked this painting when it was finished. I have decided that painting daily just doesn't work for me...I would rather work on a painting and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion than to rush and accept a painting that is not finished.



We are One

Finding this cherry with the leaf attached was a little like finding a four leaf clover! I like the way that the stems intertwined with one another. I switched to natural bristle brushes and, "Oh my, what a difference! I chose quality naturlal bristle brushes and they glide so beautifully. The synthetic brushes don't have nearly the drag and they scoop rather than laying down the paint. This is a major break through for me! 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Vaseline Vase and Apples

Yes, my Vaseline Vase is making another debut. I just can't get enough of this vase! I love the apple yellow green color and the way the light hits it. I chose to work with a little different color scheme and am pleased with it. I photographed the painting again and was able to come very close to the original image in terms of color. 8X8 Oil Canvas Panel

Red Bowl

After some time away from painting it really feels as though I have forgotten how to paint....this is a do over. 10"X10" Oil Canvas panel