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Wishing you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends, and in those quiet moments of reflection upon what we are most grateful for.  I thank you all for following my blog and want you to know that I am grateful for your continued support....Thank you so much!!!

Glass Ornament Abstraction

  20"X20'     Can I get some feedback here on this piece....I am excited about pursuing this kind of referential abstraction.

Sweet Ellie.....commissioned painting

SOLD This little 6"X 8" painting is a commissioned piece done in oils.  This is a gift to owners that lost this sweet girl a while back.  I loved painting her image....such a sweet face. If you have a pet that you would like to commission a painting of please email me and we can discuss the option.

DRAWING 13 'Maiden'

  11"X 14" Drawing Pencil Paper $75.00   I have been enjoying putting pencil to paper and just draw.  I need this practice and it is just such a wonderful place to be mentally.  I have always wanted to paint women, but I do not have a model.  The images I use are found on a site on Etsy and are legal to work from.  These photos are from around the early 1900's.  This drawing is found here .


This is a preliminary sketch done for a commissioned painting.  Ellie was a very sweet girl and rescued by a family that dearly loved her....she left this earth just far too soon.  What an honor to paint such a handsome animal.  It has been a while since I have painted a pet friend...I am excited to get back to it.  This girl was a blonde golden retriever with big soulful eyes. Drawing is something that I just love to do....why I do not draw every day is a real travesty.  I read somewhere that it is a smart thing to leave a sketch pad in every room in the house so that you can pick up a pen or pencil and draw when you have a few minutes.  I am continually buying sketch books...don't know why I guess I just love the creamy pages and the emptiness that awaits a few toned lines.

Drawing #11

This beautiful girl was photographed and her image appeared on postcards in the early 1900's.  There is a site on Etsy where I am able to find old photo cards (reproductions) of images of women.  I was drawn to this mysterious beauty with her mane of dark hair.  I love drawing images of women especially.  I will continue my 30 drawings even though they will be done in over 30 days.  I do love to draw.  This image was drawn with Derwent graphite pencils on a smooth Bristol board.

Glass Ornaments II

  20"X20" Oil Stretched Canvas $800.00 I had so much fun painting the last painting of ornaments that I decided to select some of my favorite Christmas ornaments and place them in a box with a sheer white fabric.  Once again it was advantageous at some point to break the painting down to small bites and finish area by area.  Then toward the end I orchestrated the placement of final details.  There may be some very minor additions to be made but I will decided tomorrow.
  16"X20" Oil Stretched Canvas $600.00   This is a much larger painting than I have been working on.  I chose the subject matter because of the colors and the tissue paper surrounding the ornaments.  I found that I needed to gray down the values in the paper to get it to read as white.  I think that I may have been able to go a bit darker.  I have never worked to any extent with cloth or folded paper and this presented many challenges.  I painted each section of the painting and finished a section before moving on the next section.  Was this the wisest way to work?  Perhaps and then again perhaps not....I need to think more about it.  Fun painting to do!