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Lemonade...abstract still life by Linda Hunt

I am exploring the color yellow in this painting. It is a difficult color to work with...I think. My lemons were a willing subject for another day. They are so good about staying right where you put them. I continue to explore composition and value structure.
I have worked this painting to death and I think I am not very pleased with it. Ohhhh! I just have to remind myself that not all experiments work out. I think that it is a real toss out. Why post it? I post because it is all I have to show for 4 days of work. oh welllll..... After some time away from this painting and looking with fresh eyes I like it...I was trying to push it toward more abstracton and I accomplished this. I worked with the composition until I had clear passages which I found interesting. I like the color. All in all I will press forward and see where this leads me in the next painting.
Hello All, I am working on a larger painting and I have had to wipe it down several times...hopefully today I will get more done on it. I am still here!!


I am struggling with the new interface so bear with me while I try to learn. Whew...this is really taxing. Anyway this is a painting redo that turned into an entirely different painting, which I like much better. Composition, composition, composition...the key to everything. In this painting I experimented with a little palette knife work. It was kind of fun!

'Grapes and Apples' still life abstract

I have been reading a wonderful book on how to make the most of your paintings and have learned so much. In this painting I concentrated on the composition. It is important to have a well balanced composition with easy passages and interesting transitions. It was also very important that I keep a fresh clean palette.

Quiet Moment

This is a redo of one of the paintings that I did last month. I am much happier with it. It pays to give a little time and space with a painting to make sure that it truly is complete! Spontineity is wonderful but there is something to be said for the...pause...the time that you take to really step back... evaluate... live with it for a while... return and evaluate again. It is difficult for me to do because I get so excited to post!

Tea and Roses

My peach roses and red oriental tea pot!

Spring Bouquet

My roses are still a willing subject and holding up fine.

Peach Roses

I stood and stared at these beautiful roses for minutes...walked away...came back...over and over again. I couldn't live without them! I hope to get a number of paintings from them before they fade. Happy Easter y'all!!!


SOLD This was this week's challenge at DPW. We were to paint something in the spirit of Easter. I have this great little silver foil bunny that is the cutest thing. I know that this looks like a child did it...but, it was kinda fun to paint.


What I like about this composition is the different shapes of the objects. I feel that objects that are dissimilar pair better than choosing shapes that repeat themselves. I will be working hard on my compositions in the future and trying to create more interesting spaces. I loved the geranium and sacrificed one of my big pink blossoms for the still life. My garden is growing and it won't be long before I will have a variety of blooms. Ahhhhh...Spring!