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New work.....'Roses'....10"x 8"x 3/4"....oil....stretched cotton canvas.....I just want to tell you that I have been taking the most amazing workshop....'The Secrets of Painting Light' with  Dennis Perrin .......I have learned so much in such a short period of time that it is almost breathtaking....he has many more virtual workshops too...

Light Bulb

Ok....with this one I held onto my 3 values puddles of paint with great discipline.  I used Cad Red Dp, Cobalt Blue, Cad Yellow Lt......I am much happier with this painting because I was able to achieve what I wanted.  I let the light bulb be the darker values and the background the lightest value.  I wanted to mix it up a bit.  It was so much fun.....Oh, I used a size 12 short flat.  Squint, clean brush, change paper towels religiously......

Three color painting.....homework .... Module 3

This painting I am going to do over again.  I used an 8"x 8" Clayboard to work on and if you know clay board it is exactly what it says.  The surface absorbs the paint to the point where when you put down a stroke you can't move your brush.  The paint has to be liquid...Well is a disaster....but I have worked very hard on it today, and am going to post it and then post  again when I paint the other one.  I used Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Red Deep, Cad Yellow Light and white.  I didn't intend it to be a high key painting, but that is what happened when I had to paint over and over again the same areas  I lost my richer dark when I went so light to get a fluid consistency of paint ....

1-5 value structure drawing for paintings....homework

This exercise was to begin a painting with the value structure laid flat even paint.  These are painted on 6"x 6" Gessobord.  It is very challenging!!!  The more I did the easier it became though.

Module 2 second value drawing and finished painting

I am liking the grays but I am finding my way with color using them.  I need to just explore color mixing I think.....Oh, I know what I will do....I will make some color charts using the colors on my palette.  Wah....Lah......

Roses and Lemons

I learned so much from this felt like this was what I have been looking for a long time.  I loved painting this and had so much fun.  There were all kinds of decisions to be made with every brush stroke....I simply loved it.  I have learned so much from Dennis Parrin's 'The Secrets of Painting Light' online workshop.  Just wonderful will change you for the better....

1 of 5 value structures

This is the #1 of a value structure drawing in beginning a painting. I will get lots of practice, as there will be 5 total in this exercise....It was tough.  I tried to maintain 4 values.  Admittedly there is a lot of Cerulean...I guess I went a little heavy .... didn't mean to the lighting was not that great.  Anyway, I am going to paint it now.  I chose overhead lighting because I love the effect.

Homework....4 different lighting conditions

This weeks homework assignment was to paint an object, something simple, in 4 different lighting conditions, with 3 values plus accents of black and white. I forced the value range down because I wanted the highlights to show up really well........ BACK, TOP, FRONT, descending order......I did these in a kind of a rush and so the composition could have been better....sorry....I wanted to complete the assignment......

Red Tulips

I am taking a wonderful class on LIGHT from Dennis Perrin and I must tell you it is phenomenal.  This is my first painting using his method.  It was harder than it should have been because I chose tulips which changed position over night.  I had a wonderful drawing all laid out and the next was completely very frustrating!!!!!!!  But hey, I have learned a ton!!!

She 3

This was kind of tough........

Brass Vase

I am experimenting with something and I want to know your reaction to...if you care to please leave a comment.....I want it to move more in the direction of the abstract....great big hint.... purchase here

She 2