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Red Rose still life by Linda Hunt

4X6" The last of my roses.  I wanted to keep this nice and loose.

Roses in Vaseline Vase

8X8" This is my favorite is a vaseline vase that I bought on Etsy from my online friend "annykate".  Checkout her shop!  Loved the palette in this one!  So fun!!
8X8 SOLD I am working on a commission and the woman wanted a smaller canvas and that is why I more or less duplicated the previous painting.  I was able to include more of the bouquet even though the space was considerably smaller.

Roses and Cherries

10X10" SOLD I deliberated whether or not to spring for the price on these roses and boy am I glad I did...they have been so much fun to paint.  I liked pairing them with the dish of cherries for contrast.  After spending some time away from oils I am excited to once again work with them.  Sometimes a breather is all you need to be inspired.
7X7" 6X6" These are two of the more successful paintings that I worked on yesterday.  Learning a little more...I may need other colors to choose from because my yellows are not yellow orange enough to suit me.
6X6" Another difficult much work to do.


!I am still fixated on watercolor...I find it difficult to know exactly when to put the brush down.

'My Patio Garden'

I sat in the warm sun this afternoon and did this little watercolor sketch of my patio garden.  It  was so relaxing.

'Radishes' watercolor still life sketch

6X9 1/2" I bought these big beautiflul radishes and couldn't bear to eat them until I painted them.  I am learning to work with watercolor...realizing that my attempts need much work!!  But I am enjoying the process very much! 6X9 1/2" Second attempt! 6X9 1/2 Third attemp!!

Watercolor study of a girl

I am experimenting with figure in watercolor.  I have not painted a person in watercolor and find it fun but challenging.  I will try again so get the skin tones better.  This is the second try which I am happy with.  I deleted the first try....not good!!

'Lily' small landscape by Linda Hunt

4X6" Beautiful lily pond...we used to visit a pond loaded with beautiful lilies...alligators, birds and wildlife in Georgia.  They drained the pond and now all of the beauty is gone.  So sad:(
6X6" My strawberries are about to turn and I needed to paint them before preparing them before they went bad.  We will have them for dinner.  In this painting I worked hard to paint one brushstroke at a time.  It is quite abstract, but I like it.