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Walking on Eggshells

It took me a long time to put this still life set up together. I knew internally what I was looking for and it took much shuffling and evaluating until I achieved the combination that spoke to me. I used an extremely simple palette in this painting...cad red med, permanent alizarin crimson, cad orange, cad lemon, cad yellow lt, ultra blue, dioxazine purple and white. 8X10 Oil Stretched Linen Day 41

Day 40

Value Study

In this study my emphasis was to create light and dark values. Day 39

Value Study

I will be doing a little value work on the next couple of paintings. My intention is to do this painting again only with different value structures. Can you tell that I got my newest PKR DVD?;)

Day 38

I have had a few very busy days and haven't been able to paint or draw, but today I kind of muddled through this expressive drawing. In some ways I like it because I felt my abstract expressionist roots emerging!


Spring is here and the birds are returning...the mornings are filled with song. 6X6 Oil Gessoboard PURCHASE HERE


The birds were really vocal this morning and it sounded wonderful. It made me think of painting them...since I have never painted or drawn a bird before I did a quick sketch to begin with. graphite


It has been several days since I have painted and it felt so good! These grapes have been waiting for me to have another 'go' at it! I used a very simple palette, cad red deep, permanent rose, ultrmarine blue, phalo blue, lemon yellow, cad yellow lt, cad yellow med, and a little white. I was very pleased with the results! 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel PURCHASE HERE Day 36


This is a model that I used in Wyoming. I really need more figure was great working with the figure again!

Day34 Interior

This is the interior of one of my Doctor's Offices. I always loved the homey atmorphere. This may be my last post until Thursday because I will not have a camera! I will be working and will post all of my work on Thursday!! This is an inconvenience to me, but, I have to share the camera!

Day33Farmer's Market

I had to work in the gardens today and so I only had time for a small sketch...hopefully I will be able to paint tonight! Graphite

Stella Day 32

I was so busy yesterday with church things that I didn't get the opportunity to here is my post! This is a drawing of Stella draped over the rocking chair. Graphite

Grapes of Wrath

I don't always have very creative titles for my pieces, but, this piece came right to mind. Wow...I thought that olives were difficult but they don't even come close to how challenging grapes are. I think that part of the problem stemmed from the fact that I backlit them. I lost the value structure this way. Next time I paint them I will make sure that I have lighting that shows the different planes of each grape. PURCHASE HERE Lipstick Day31

Sketchbook Sketches

I didn't have time yesterday to paint so I did sketches of my dog Stella as she slept.


This was a much harder painting than it looks like it would be. It was difficult seeing the value changes! PURCHASE HERE Day 29

Patch of Green

What drew me to this painting was the lime green of the olive oil where the sun light hits nice! When I saw that glittering before me I knew that I had a painting! 10X10 Oil Stretched Linen PURCHASE HERE Day 27

Day 26

Not much time today just a little sketch of my drinking glass as it sat before me.

Alligator Lane Day 25

The Savannah Wildlife Refuge is where the photo was taken, and from which I did this drawing. It is a wonderful almost primitive place with Southern moss hanging from the century old trees. It is a refuge for birds and animals, and of course, alligators. On warm sultry Summer days the alligators sun themselves in the marsh land and alongside the roadway. The roadway is elevated on either side of the marsh land by about 20 or 30 feet. No danger of an encounter with one of the primitive fellows unless you are incredibly careless.

Day 24

I didn't have an opportunity to post this yesterday.


This is a photo that I took in a candy store many many years ago. The owner was kind enough to let me come in and photograph her store as well as the candies. This was a blast to paint because I LLLLOOOVVVEEE chocolate so much! 6X6 Oil Canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


I really didn't know what I wanted to paint today until I looked down at the orange that I had just cut into pieces and there was my painting. Because the sections were cut, the meat of the orange was exposed and the color was very intense. I applied the paint thick over thin until I achieved the desired look that I was after. I used a cool Cobalt blue and a variety of orange, reds, and yellows. PURCHASE HERE Day 23

Day 22


I just couldn't handle the purple background. I like the color variety much better in this painting now. 10X10 Oil Stretched Linen PURCHASE HERE Day 21