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Shadow Rose

I have been eyeing this photograph for a long time....I think Els Manning did the photography on this floral.  I loved the shadowed rose...this was a kind of new territory for me in that I had to work to capture the half tones to make it work.  I think it was pretty successful!

My Zinnia Garden

I have many favorite flowers, but the very most favorite cutting flower.  For some reason I seem to have luck with them.  This was a particularly fun painting to paint.  What makes the colors of the flowers pop is the amount and use of gray.  It makes for such a lively little 5"x 7" painting.

Large Oak near Edisto

I am employing the things that I recently learned from my new DVD and feel that there is a solidity in this painting that wasn't there before.  I enjoyed painting this scene.   Each year we travel to Edisto Beach for the day with a picnic lunch and walk the beach with our dogs.  On our way home we pass this marvelous old oak tree.   I love the majestic oaks of the South.  I also am learning something else about color.  I added Permanent Green Light and I like the brilliant yellow green that I am able to mix.  That combination helped to change this painting into exactly what I was looking for.  One other thing....when you paint....sit back and just enjoy the process from the initial layout to the last stroke put down.


I am done......


OK...not complete, but coming closer.....


Just wanted you to see that I am working very hard over the past several days....I am not a portrait artist and I am trying very hard to fulfill wishes of a client.  It is not easy.  The child will be a wipe out and a begin again for the 3rd time.  I don't work from a projector and just rely as best as I can on proportions are tough for me.  But, I wanted you to see what I have been up to and where this is going.

Tulip Time

I have painted these tulips before but, I feel that this is my best attempt.  I am learning so much.  I am a little disappointed that the photo isn't as dense as the painting.  It could be the light which is overcast and quite bright.


I used  all of the things that I have been learning in this painting.  It was lots of fun.  I love my bristle brushes....what a difference.