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Her Things

Getting back in the Groove with a daily sketch #36.....

Daily sketch #35

My sketch after swimming....searching for something to draw.

Cup of Plenty

This 8"x 8" oil painting is painted on stretched canvas.  It is cherry season and I just can't get enough!  I learned something important in this set up.  I have made color swatches and I was able to plan a layout knowing what kind of colors I wanted in the final painting.  I also did a very complete underpainting as Sarah Sedwick suggested and it made painting so much easier. 

Daily Sketch #34

Getting back in the saddle ..... love to draw and the daily sketch is a habit that takes discipline.  I will continue to pursue this.  The required a lot of intense looking at tiny objects.  What I love is the glass beads.  I have a passion for transparency.


This was done in completion of an assignment in my online mentoring program with Sarah Sedwick.  We were exploring monochromatic paintings.  I used an analogous palette of and yellow.  Thoroughly enjoyed this exercise!

Leaves and Lemons

I really worked on this painting and in many ways deleted and began again.  This time I didn't do as much drawing and just responded shape to shape and color note to color note.  The leaves are some from last year that I dried and kept.  I loved the neutral earthy color of them.  What I found in this painting was that I toned the colors in the cloth much deeper and grayed them a bit and it worked out much better. The top view is the painting redone to suit my notan....I like it better...... This is a value scale using orange and blue...its a little bit wonky but close....

Four Value Study for painting

This is a 4 value study that I did for my new painting.  I am excited to begin.....much company so I can only work sporadically.    

daily drawing #33

Not much time to draw today....

Daily Sketch #32

I bought these well worn shoes for a $1 at a thrift store....the lady asked me if they were dancin' shoes!  I would not be able to walk in them....not anymore will I subject my feet to such torture...but, having said that I love to draw them...I live vicariously!!!

Daily drawing #31

Not as successful but I am gaining control....this is a paper vase and so it took that light in a very dull way. I have a book which was a Christmas gift and I love some of the painters thoughts and feelings.  I have been contemplating what growth is and how it happens.  Robert A. Johnson's words follow..."Ultimately it became clearer and clearer that the process of learning itself was the goal, and the painting skills quietly crept in the back door and magically appeared on the canvas.  The push to learn and understand seemed to free me from the constraints that the ego imposes.  As long as I was learning, the opinions of others had little effect.  Even my own attitude was liberated from the grip of ego.  If the painting did not meet the standard I aspired to, I was not dissatisfied but often derived an overriding comfort from my belief that I had learned something in the process.  If nothing more than a deeper understanding of the weaknesses and mistakes that held the pai

Daily drawing #30

My new rhinestone studded summer to draw my shoes.  I love lots of BLING.....