Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Camilia and Lemon

My Camilia tree is in full bloom with the most gorgeous white blossoms. It is always such a treat to have it blossom in the winter months. Nectarines are in season again!! It is a toss up whether I prefer a peach to a nectarine, but, I personally like them over peaches. I love them because of their deep red skins and sensuous curved shape. The little orange bowl is one that I found at one of the stores in town and fell in love with the scalloped edges and curvilinear lines.

6X6 inches
Stretched canvas


Douglas Clark said...

I think I'd have to vote for peaches as my favorite fruit but I sure do like how you painted the nectarine. The camelia is painted very well as are the lemon slices. It is a cold icy day here in Fort Worth, it's very nice to see your bright painting.

Linda Popple said...

Luscious brushstrokes! Your colors are beautiful and it all brings a smile on this very cold February day!

Janice said...

how lovely!...a Camilla tree blossoms! Love it!

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