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Savannah Wildlife Preserve


This is a FineTec watercolor painting on black watercolor paper.  I am so obsessed with this paint because it lends itself to a painterly application.  You can find this painting at


Pink Peony

This is a big of a redo to tighten up the composition and rework the painting.  I love it now.  It is oil on canvas and can be found for sale at

This is a new paint to is a mica infused pigment watercolor paint.  Used on black watercolor paper allows that paint to shimmer againt the background.  It is a beautiful paint and I have just fallen head over heels for it.........
I have been busy working with my new mica color infused waterolours.  They are so much really doesn't show the shimmer over the internet....but they really shimmer and sparkle.
This is Buggy.....she is the sweetest little tiny dog....she had such a rough start in life and has a fabulous human to love and a human who loves her unconditionally......what more could anyone want from life....canine or human?  This is an 8"x 10" drawing in graphite.  #bigguylittlesworldsanctury......check it out!!!!!