Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The rose is painting on a stretched canvas with oil colors.  It I s 8"x8".What can I say?  Hard!!  Ha Ha, yeah it was really tough but I loved every minute of painting this painting.  The neighbor across the road grew this single pinkish rose and I couldn't help but to photograph its loveliness.  I wiped out the first try and settled in on this one.  There are things that I think I could improve upon but they will need to be done in another painting.  Sometimes you just have to let go so that you don't lose the freshness of the paint. 
I find that when looking at a complex problem it is easier for me to think of the whole rather than individual parts.  There is editing for sure, but what is important is the believability when rendered.  In my first try I looked to the individual parts and the whole thing just didn't hold together.  I am happy with the outcome but feel that I have learned things that will be included in the next rose painting.,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fresh Apples

This is an 8"x 6" oil painting on Gessoboard.  What am I learning?  Work hard and then harder....squint...squint....squint and then use the red plastic viewfinder.  Another thing that is quite apparent is that the painting becomes the reality and color adjustments must be made.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn Leaf

An autumn leaf that I found on my walk today.  With this painting I tried to stay very connected with where I was laying my brush stokes and the value and color I was using.  For some reason I am beginning to feel very connected with my own style and painting procedure.  I know that this sounds rather crazy since  have been painting for some time now.  The one thing that I was aware of today was value relationships.  I worked very hard to lay the correct tones in without too much editing.  I did end up wiping out whole areas and starting over several times.  I keep thinking about the avoidance of petting the paint.  Gosh that makes so much sense.

Monday, November 10, 2014


I am on a mission to tackle as many subjects that I think will be difficult as possible.  This is an image that I photographed a couple of years ago in a still life.  I tried to keep things as simple as possible by not 'petting' the paint too much.  A term that was coined by Peggi Kroll Roberts.  When she said this all of a sudden it really made sense to me!!  Thank you Peggi.


While I was looking through my reference photos this morning these pretty red tulips caught my eye.  What I learned from my abstract work is still with me.  I have to admit that I love painting images as well.  I feel that working abstractly forces you to work quickly and with energy.  I began to tighten up and wiped off a couple of times.  Then I used my red viewfinder to correct values and my mirror to really size up the composition.  Then drawing a deep breath I dove in.......

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pink Gumball Machine

I have hung on to this pink gumball machine for a long long time.  This is another one of those items that have been in the back of my mind just gestating for the appropriate time  to paint.  I used my alizarin orange paint stick in this and love that color.  I bought 3 paint sticks and plan on using them when I can.  I think the brand is RL.  They are particularly creamy and smooth to use.

Cosmetic Bag

This is a quick little study that I did yesterday.  It is 6x8 inches on a Raymar canvas panel.  I was reading something wonderful yesterday in my Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine and I will share it with you because I think that it affects all of us in  way.  This woman, Carolyn Dube, who creates wonderful mixed media art spoke about the defeating chatter that lingers in our mind.  I seem to struggle with this a lot and that was one of the things that I wanted to tackle the most with this last e-course.  Sometimes I want to paint so badly and the only thing I can do is to sit and look at my paints and then the indecision sets in.  Well, I am working on that in a big way!   I have decided to just tackle painting things and challenge myself to paint things that I never would have tried to paint before.  I am working at staying loose and not prejudging my efforts.  I am not even going to look back because I am on a forward track!  Do you ever buy supplies thinking of all the wonderful things that you can do with them and then there they sit months later without being touched?  Uh huh....that is something that annoys me a lot.  So I am going to dust off the pastels, the house paint, the paint sticks, the gouache, the watercolors and get right at it!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

"What If You Fly?"

This will be the last of the do-overs for a while.....Oh Etsy shoppe is almost bare.  I really have enjoyed the makeovers though.
Have you ever thought about failure?  Will I fail at this painting?  What if I fail?  Does it hold you back from liking or loving what you paint?  Evaluating this can really be motivational....

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Break Those Boundaries

Oh boy am I ever having a wonderful time .... just whaling away on my paintings that weren't making it.  I have trusted my intuition rather than trying to fit a mold that I just didn't fit.  All started in 2008 when I took a class from a great painter and tried to be like her....well...I never could and I got tighter and tighter and hated painting in a way.  Or...I was disappointed that what I did was so different from the way that I thought I should be painting.  Breaking those boundaries that I did indeed set for myself!  You have heard me mention Brooke Wandall the gal that I took the recent e-course with...I attribute much of my change to her thoughtful guidance.  It wasn't what she said it was what she didn't say!!!  For me that made all the difference.  Thank you, Brooke...forever grateful.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Red Beets and Defying Old Worn Out Fears

I really enjoyed going back into this painting and working it up a bit.   These are old paintings that I liked in some ways, but I knew that they just weren't going anywhere.  You are always told "Don't go back into a painting once it is done".  Well, I say "Why not? I  If its just sitting around and you know something is wrong with it....and it is over looked all the time".  So, because I learned not to be afraid of messing things up from my abstract class I just am doing a free fall and enjoying the ride!