Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giant Red Pepper

While I was shopping yesterday I found this huge, beautiful red pepper. When I brought it home to put into a salad I had to paint it first. The color is the most vibrant red and red orange. I tried something a little different with this painting. I worked very diligently to keep the colors pure and paint slow enough to be able to evaluate each color as I laid them down. I like the results. The painting has a clarity that I am not sure I have obtained to this point. I merged several tecniques that other bloggers have shared. I scumbled in the layout drawing with a neutral and then laid the colors into the value areas.
6X6 inches]
canvas panel
March2, 2010


Carol Schiff Studio said...

It's beautiful, Linda. It sounds like you are having a growth period with your painting. I made a similiar discovery a few months ago.

Carol Nelson said...

You used every corner of the palette on this one. Love all the colors. Bold, confident brush strokes.

Marie Theron said...

Oooohh, this lovely image needs to be part of a set. Maybe when you cut it open? The complimentary colors work well as a background!

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