Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bananas on Green Plate

Sometimes deciding what to paint is a real dilemma. I am trying to learn more about color and warm and cool relationships. Discipling myself to think more thoughfully about the color that I am laying in does not come naturally. However, I think that I made a little progress in this painting.

8x8 inches
canvas panel


Blasquez Fine Art said...

Linda I think you did what you set out to do. Should I say, turning a corner? It feels great to have conquered something like nailing the color temperatures....and you did it!
Nice job!

Maggie said...

nice colors Linda!

Gwen Bell said...

Wonderful job, Linda! The orange reflection on the skin is so gorgeous, as is your brushwork. I am intimidated when it comes to painting bananas but you always make it look so easy and enjoyable. Love the way you allowed the thickness of the paint to create some of the ridges. Just awesome!

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