Sunday, March 14, 2010

Banana on Ruby Red

I have alwys wanted to paint a banana being peeled. It was a lot of fun. I worked with a predominately split complimentary color scheme on this painting. The red of the plate was so dark that I had to use a deep red violet to achieve the density of color.

6x6 inches
canvas panel

This painting is priced at $55.00 and may be purchased on my Etsy site. Just follow the link on the Etsy mini.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Nice one Linda. You beat me to it, I was planing to paint a peeled banana too!

Kim said...

Nice Linda! I especially like the peel and that bowl in the corner.

Angela Elledge said...

Goodness, where have I been? Linda, I've just discovered your beautiful paintings and am adding myself as a follower so I don't miss anything again. Love your loose, painterly style and your sense of color is wonderful...I'll be back!

Gwen Bell said...

Wonderful palette! The violet is so perfect with the tones of yellow and red. For whatever reason, I find bananas hard to paint but you make me want to try again.

Amber L. Bailey said...

I just had to leave you a comment on this piece! I love it! I enjoyed Carol's workshop with you and so you inspired me to get cards from They are on their way! Thanks and happy painting!

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