Monday, October 25, 2010

Value Study I

I have decided to take a few steps back and really evaluate my painting. In doing this I am turning to black and white, and grey studies. Sometimes you just have to stop the carousel long enough to steady yourself.

As many of you will note I took myself out of the wonderful group DPO. There are medical issues that I am having to deal with and this gives me time and less stress in my daily life. I hope to explore more about painting during this time.

These ARE the coolest shoes!! They are carved wood on the heel portion with flowers and leaves in beautiful bright colors. The upper portion of the shoe is black leather. I love them even though I have a terrible time walking in them!!


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Linda, The shoes are wonderful!! Value studies are fun and such great learning tools. "They" always say when you loose your way, start at the begining!

We will miss you so much at DPO. I am happy you will still have your blog and I can view your beautiful work.

Take care of yourself, I hope your medical issues are soon overcome.

Karen Bruson said...

Great idea to do a value study. I need to do that.
Enjoy painting at your own pace, and use it as therapy.

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