Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have been in a kind of slump lately and painting has been incredibly difficult. I have pulled works from my archives to post because everything I attempt comes out awful. I just feel tired inside. What do you do when and if you feel this way? I feel like a time out....
6X6 inches
canvas panel
$55.00 plus $8.00 shipping in USA.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I think you take some time out! The pressure of painting and posting daily is enough to cause major burn out! I have made a promise to myself to low the amount of posts I do each week to three. I have done five days a week for over a year, but at this moment in time, I need a little slack!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You NEED a time out!!! Take it! A few days, a week or so - and just - relax - do things you love. Look at great art, in museums, galleries or online... bake, garden or just nap! Take a drive, listen to music... and when your artistic 'soul' is fed - you won't be able to WAIT to get back to the easel. This is a lovely painting, but forcing it is not good for you!

bricarwaller said...

A time out may be in order. When I'm in a creative slump, I like to go visit inspirational places. Go the art museum, take a walk with your camera looking for inspiration. Even the farmer's market can be terrific. The best thing for me when I get in a slump is to push through it. I sometimes just paint with no pressure, just to play in the paint. Good luck, I hope your creative fog lifts soon:)

Kim said...

I think it's a universal thing. Cyclical. As long as it's nothing physical, these are some things I've done:
1. Step away for a few days and forget about painting. And don't feel guilt over it. Read a delicious book, listen to some music that really moves you and let it fill up the house, bake ; )
2. take a walk preferably in and around a wood
3. Soak in a hot bath.
Forget about the "shoulds" of work and try and think back to when you were a kid and just loved bringing out the crayons. I've gone through a few blah periods. I think I just needed something different to clear my head. One time I started a series of collages that I did over the winter. Fun stuff based on colour. Another time I learned how to do stitchery and did some fun monsters. And then I felt renewed.
Hope this helps. Again, I think we've all been there. (And send this letter back to me when I write about the same thing in the future : )

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Ditto to everything every one else has said! Take a break and do some things that comfort your soul! I like to take walks, read, visit friends (especially artist friends), and push aside any guilt about not being in the studio. Set up an "artist date" with yourself or friends and go to art shows or museums or to beautiful, inspiring places if you can. Get some rest! Pamper yourself!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Linda, don't will come back. Like all the comments before mine my advice would be rest, do one thing different, read a book titled "Do One Thing Different" by Bill O'Hanlon. I highly reccommend it.

Marian Fortunati said...

Eat one of these babies and the sugar rush will charge you up!

I always love the way you apply paint... Sooooooo creamy and lush!

mary maxam said...

yes, this is so universal, I've been there more than once. miraculously,those creative juices come back.take the time you need and just back off the "have to paint".I do love this lemon pastry and the bicycles.

Polly Jones said...

So sorry you are having a tough time. It does seem like these times are inevitable during a creative journey. Mine are often caused by self doubt and indecision. Just have to remind myself that feelings aren't facts.

Sandra Galda said...

this one is delicious looking! great job!

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