Thursday, May 23, 2013


12"X 12"
Stretched Canvas
Joy is completing a task when it seem there is no way forward.  Joy is overcoming a state of mind that is detrimental to your progress.

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I found this quote by Rumi that I felt summed up my feelings about overcoming a small creative block.  "Listen.   Make a way for yourself inside yourself  Stop looking in the other way of looking.


Helen Moreda said...

Those flowers are alive. You came to a great conclusion. I love it.

LindaHunt said...

Thank you, Helen...sometimes you really have to work it through!

Sue Marrazzo said...

So NICE, Linda!

LindaHunt said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sue!

Sylvia Teri said...

Hi Linda, the qote you posted rally hits the nail on the head. You just have to push ahaìead though it's difficult.Love your JOY.

Jerry Stocks said...

This painting brings me lots of joy. Great job!!!

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