Monday, May 6, 2013


6"X 6"
Oil on Board
How can it be that 3 little lemon sections could give me such fits!  I was most attracted to the glowing red and orange in the shadows.  Shadows are so deceptive they seem to be quite dark but when you compare them to other values in a painting they are much lighter.  Generally speaking.
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cathyswatercolors said...

It is the lavender on the rim of the lemon that really,"gets me".

Jo Mackenzie said...

I wrote about you lemons on your facebook page but it would not let me post there. I don't know why. I tried several if you didn't get many comments today that could be why...
I love the lemons and plan to work on some myself because yellows are giving me serious troubles.

Sue Marrazzo said...

what a pleasant and upbeat little art piece!

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