Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hydrangea Fresh Cut

This single hydrangea flower is one of the few that my plant produced this year. I painted them yesterday outside and was pretty miserable in the heat and humidity. I prefer painting in my studio where I have airconditioning and can control the lighting. I guess you just can't take the Wyoming out of the girl. (Prefer cooler drier climate)!!!

6x6 inches
canvas panel


Cathyann said...

Hi Linda, this is a small gem!
Nice spare strokes...colors remind me of Fairfield Porter.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

I could just eat this!!luscious juicy strokes

Linda Popple said...

Your hydrangea paintings are wonderful! I like your economy in brush strokes and the colors. Very nice, Linda!

Polly Jones said...

Wow, Linda this is gorgeous. Love your new day lily one also.

Dana Cooper said...

Lovely piece Linda, I will enjoy seeing more of your work...p.s. I'm an a/c girl myself!

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