Friday, June 4, 2010

Daylilies IV

These are such pretty daylilies and I look forward to their arrival each year! I brought this one into the studio and I have a light set on it...I don't know if it will remain open for the length of time that the light remains on or if it will close. Should be an interesting observation. Actually just like clockwork the lily closed even under high light conditions.

6x6 inches
canvas panel

$60.00 plus shipping in US. Purchase here


Gwen Bell said...

Oh my...I keep thinking you've painted my favorite and then you always come up with a new one! This is absolutely gorgeous, and my new favorite.

Angela Elledge said...

Hello Linda,
I have thoroughly enjoyed your hydrangea paintings, and now this one; wow!

Blasquez Fine Art said...

I love your Lily....

Stephanie Berry said...

Wonderful! Love your brushwork!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Love the colors, and love the loose brushstrokes. This painting is beautiful, and looks effortless.

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