Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ginger Bears

This is the cutest little jar of bear shaped sugared ginger! I love ginger but especially when it is candied. I wasn't sure how I would tacle painting the jar full of ginger so I rendered them very abstract.


David Russell said...

Love the colors.

Victor Errington said...

Yes Linda, I agree with David, beautiful colouring. I love it. All the best Linda.

J. B. Alexandra said...

I like that you painted it in the abstract. Color content is very beautiful. Recalls the golden honey. Very well be added to the blue background. I love the smell of ginger. Using his love for cooking. In combination with garlic is a miracle. I also fresh ginger slices in sugar, letting the good cry. Then you let the juice, I gave the children upset stomach. It's a great cure, and really working.

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