Friday, June 10, 2016

Mentoring Program....daily drawing 10

This is a drawing of a figurine that my husband gave me for Christmas one year.  I had admired it at one of the Antique stores and would press my face against the glass cabinet and love ever centimeter.  I looked at this for at least a year or more.  It is made by Royal Copenhagen.  I love the figure.  So when I was determining what to paint today I wanted it to be something that moved me inward.  Setting up a still life is very difficult for me.  Perhaps it is the time that it takes to figure out colors, shapes, forms, and value structure.  Add to that it tells some kind of story.  All of that in a nutshell takes me hours to decided just what I want to say.  This drawing is part of a still life that I set up and will begin in paint.  I miss being able to work from the figure.  I plan on painting this girl image often.

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