Friday, January 9, 2015

Orange Organic Beets

Love these orange beets even though I am not sure what to do with them after I finish painting them. The color just caught my eye many times in the grocery store. I will have to look on the internet to figure out how to prepare them.
I have learned a great deal from the DVD that Lori Putnam produced. I realized that I could actually work a little bit more on this painting without losing the energy and aspect of those things that drew me to the still life in the first place. I am excited because for the first time I understand what I lacked and it makes perfect sense. I have learned to evaluate the colors I choose and WHY. ... That alone is a very huge leap for me. Excitement is rushing through my veins as never before. This fits me....I paint fast, or wanted to paint rapidly, but, never could get the whole thing orchestrated. Eureka, I am beginning to understand..... The door is opened for real learning now. This is a 12"x12" oil painting on a canvas panel.

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cathyswatercolors said...

Hi Boil or roast the beet and then use it in a salad or eat with a bit of butter or even vinegar. Enjoy:) as usual love the painting.

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