Monday, January 31, 2011

Cactus Flower

This is one of my favorite paintings that I did last year. It speaks sunshine to me.
Thre won't be any photography today because the skies are overcast and cloudy. Hope that this adds sparkle to your day!!!


Dana Cooper said...

Nice color Linda!

Douglas Clark said...

I like this one too. I am an art teacher, and I've just been teaching my students about the work of Georgia Okeeffe and how her flowers often flow off the edges of her canvas. It creates a very strong composition, and is very appealing.

Linda Popple said...

It definitely adds sparkle to my day, which is soooo cloudy and chilly. Beautiful painting, Linda! Thanks for the smile!

Karen Martin Sampson said...

I can see why this is one of your favorite paintings! So fresh and spontaneous. The petals look so delicate.

Jerry Stocks said...

This is beautiful. You really nailed the lights and darks. Great job!!!

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