Monday, May 10, 2010

Tomato on Green

The vine tomatoes are still hanging in there. I sliced one for this painting. I used a straight complimentary color scheme in this painting. I feel it may need a little something else and will evaluate before I do anything. It is amazing how the smallest imperfection shows up on the computer screen. Hope all of you Mom's had a great Mother's Day!

6x6 inches
canvas panel


Linda said...

Very nice painting, Linda! I understand what you mean by imperfections showing up on the computer screen. It's a great way to evaluate a painting. More often than not I post it anyway and either correct later or let it go because I've already moved to something else.

Gwen Bell said...

You've done such a good job of getting just the right reds to make this look irresistible. That big juicy cris-cross of color in the heart of the slice is delicious! The complimentary scheme works beautifully. I like that bit of cool white as well.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I like it just as it is.

Art Trip said...

Yum tomatoes!

Amber L. Bailey said...

I really like this one Linda, great color and looseness if I can call it that...oh and a great food haha. Nice work!

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