Friday, May 14, 2010

Sugar Snap Peas

One of those days when I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint. I bought these sugar snap peas yesterday and they are very tasty. I tried to lay down a stroke and leave it and build the painting stroke by stroke. I gave myself a time limit and I finished exactly within the perameters of the time alloted. Fun!! The color scheme is a little wierd I think but I liked it.

6x8 inches
Raymar canvas panel


Cathyann said...

Linda..Love it...the colors are fresh..the shadows cool and the compliment of pink and green perfect!

Julie Hill said...

Linda...first thank you for commenting and your lovely words on my blog the other day. And because of your visit I get get to see your work. Lovely still lifes. Happy painting to you!

Victor Errington said...

Yes Linda, I love it also. The colours, the laying down of the paint and leaving it, and the thickness of the paint, all brilliant. well done, and all the best Linda.

Linda said...

I'm happy you decided to paint! This is very nice with the colors and the composition. It's lovely!

Janice said...

The knife is really good, especially the varied reflections on the blade*

carol morgan carmichael said...

Your exercise turned out a very nice painting. You always have such great color in your pieces.

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