Friday, January 29, 2016

Rose at Dawn

I am learning how to use and hope that I am understanding...anyway this is an painting that I painted what I am learning!!  I also bought bristle brushes which make a big difference in how the paint handles.  There are places and reasons to use synthetic brushes...they make a very chiseled application of paint whereas a bristle brush is soft and gives a soft diffused edge.


Sue Marrazzo said...


Beauty Ink said...

What is I am interested in doing more with painting and everything. I currently don't have a lot of time right now because I just had my daughter in January and she is my number one priority. But once I am able to find a little free time for me. I would like to take more time for some of my hobbies.

LindaHunt said...

Hi Beauty Ink,
Thanks for stopping by....congratulations on your new little gal!!! is a program that is free in which you can crop your paintings, do all kinds of fun things .... it is easy but since I am not very savvy with the computer it takes me a little time.
Check it out on youtube also...
Good luck when you have the time when your little one gets a little older!! Stay in touch!!

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