Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The rose is painting on a stretched canvas with oil colors.  It I s 8"x8".What can I say?  Hard!!  Ha Ha, yeah it was really tough but I loved every minute of painting this painting.  The neighbor across the road grew this single pinkish rose and I couldn't help but to photograph its loveliness.  I wiped out the first try and settled in on this one.  There are things that I think I could improve upon but they will need to be done in another painting.  Sometimes you just have to let go so that you don't lose the freshness of the paint. 
I find that when looking at a complex problem it is easier for me to think of the whole rather than individual parts.  There is editing for sure, but what is important is the believability when rendered.  In my first try I looked to the individual parts and the whole thing just didn't hold together.  I am happy with the outcome but feel that I have learned things that will be included in the next rose painting.,

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