Friday, October 24, 2014

"What If You Fly?"

This will be the last of the do-overs for a while.....Oh Etsy shoppe is almost bare.  I really have enjoyed the makeovers though.
Have you ever thought about failure?  Will I fail at this painting?  What if I fail?  Does it hold you back from liking or loving what you paint?  Evaluating this can really be motivational....

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Catherine Jeffrey said...

I know I don't get around much visiting blogs, but just have to say that I love love these do overs. I think it is obvious that you love this new found freedom in painting how you want to paint. I agree that do overs allow us to have this freedom (and fun). This journey away from fear can be so difficult. I fall back all the time into "safe zone" with too much tightness, wondering about selling,etc. etc. It takes courage to stay the course. You are doing great!