Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Still Life 1

I have been enjoying the new medium, for me, of gouache.  This is a 5"x7" painting on mixed media paper.  What is it about gouache that I like so much?  In some ways it is very similar to oil paints in that it can be very dense and opaque.  One of its features that I like so much is that it dries almost immediately and that makes it fun.  The colors are bright and clean.  I went shopping.  Can you tell?  I found vases, bowls, scarves, fabric flowers and a multitude of other wonderful props for my still life painting.  My big find was a huge blue striped table cloth for only $3.00 to use as a backdrop.  It is very soft blues and quite subtle.  Love it!!


Jerry Stocks said...

This is such a fascinating array of objects and colors. I like it very much.

LindaHunt said...

Thanks, Jerry....I think that learning to set up a still life is one of the most difficult tasks there is. I am happy with this one.

Helen Moreda said...

You should be happy. I love seeing you so happy doing gouache. I am trying it for the citrus challenge but the flu got me this weekend. Maybe Friday.... Love that orange stripe!

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