Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three Green Pears


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This painting has undergone a metamorphosis in the last 24 hours because what I was trying for was just not successful.  The colors are quite muted but they are more vibrant than I was abel to capture.  The painting is really quite warm.  I am happy with this painting and want to thank Robin Rosenthal for her more than helpful advice.  I have a tendency to just splash around sometimes without in depth  thought as to where and how to place color and value.  That is a big problem.  With this painting I was very deliberate in my choices and I am very happy.


Jerry Stocks said...

Your deliberateness paid off. This is one beautiful painting. Next week are exams. Right now I am on overload. Happy Holidays!

Helen Cooper said...

This is lovely , you should be very happy with it!

Robin Rosenthal said...

Beautifully painted and luminescent.

Stephanie Berry said...

Very nice painting--I love the arrangement and the colors.

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