Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Still life Stage

This is my new Still life Stage that I purchased recently.  I can not say enough praiseworthy about it.  It is well constructed and fairly lightweight.  It was designed by David and Carol Marine.  It can be purchased here.  It is being made and marketed by Connie Nobbe and expert craftsman Mr. Nobbe.


Jo Mackenzie said...

I want to order one. What is the table that you are using?
I want to get it before Christmas. The light is fading in Vermont everyday and I want to be able to work into the evening or at least the afternoon.
Are you just using a regular sheet for draping.
I feel very behind in my endeavors tonight. I haven't commented on your wonderful pink cups or the latest grapes. All of which are wonderful. I have been lax and too self absorbed this week.
I take myself to the woodshed. I think i pulled a muscle in my back and have had a two day long pity party.....Moving on and more later..Jo

LindaHunt said...

Hi Jo! The fabric that I have draped over the Stage is a really long piece of remnant fabric that I bought at the Wal Mart discount section in the fabric department. It is actually feels like ripstop nylon. I will also purchase a dark curtain from the discount section when I find one I like.

Connie Nobbe said...

I have found that a white top sheet for a single bed is a good size. Then I cover that up with a light blocking dark drape. Thanks, Linda, for blogging about our product! :)

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