Friday, February 26, 2010

Butter Beans SOLD

This little shack was part of a greenhouse and novelty gift complex. The name was Butter Beans. Unfortunatley it is no long in business but holds sentimental value to me. It is located in the heart of Port Royal which is a small community right on the waterway. I used to love the fresh flowers that Butter Beans carried and would bring them home to paint. When I drove past the other day I had to stop and snap a photo. I have always wanted to paint this sweet building and its surrounds. This oil painting is 5X7 inches on canvas panel.
If you are interested in any of my paintings please email through Etsy.


Dana Chabino said...

Nice pastel colors in this painting!
Very relaxing to view :)

David Russell said...

I love the colors and textures on this and all of your paintings. I like a lot of texture, thick paint, etc.

Marie Theron said...

Very impressionistic and almost sketch-like painting! And while it is a lovely work on its own it is also a part of the history of the area! Super painting, Linda and thanks for visiting my blog!

Janice said...


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