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This is a new paint to is a mica infused pigment watercolor paint.  Used on black watercolor paper allows that paint to shimmer againt the background.  It is a beautiful paint and I have just fallen head over heels for it.........


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My Shadow Box

I am making a shadow box to place my still life objects in so that I can control the light. I saw something similar on Wet Canvas months ago. I really like the set up that Carol Marine has, but haven't been able to have it built yet. I plan on cutting round holes in the sides where I can shine a light through and get a more directional lighting angle. In my studio I don't have good natural lighting so I must use lamps. It is a good size box and very sturdy. I am anxious to try it out!

Pretty in Pink

I am on a Peony roll here.....just enjoying the process of painting and color.  Can be purchased here.