Friday, December 11, 2015

Still Life 013

This is a little 8"x 10" oil that I worked on today.  I was doing a few exersizes with Notan over the past few days and wanted to translate what I had been doing into color.  I will also include the black and white of this painting.  It was fun to do.

I find that translating into color is a bit more challenging.  I love black and white.  Want  to continue with the black and white 5 minute studies.  I will show some of these tomorrow when I can photograph in natural light.

One thing I must keep in mind is to keep it simple.  I could have simplified more and made it more interesting...hmmmmmmmm


Stephanie Berry said...

Love this one!

LindaHunt said...

Thank you, Stephanie! It is fun to just play....

Victor Errington said...

Hi Linda.
This is a very nice painting. Lovely colours. All the best to you Linda.

LindaHunt said...

Thank you, good of you to stop by and comment...all the best..cheers!

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