Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Red Hydrangea

I immediately fell in love with this huge red hydrangea.  I know that it was dyed, but gosh, it is just gorgeous.  Red is my favorite color.....!   This is painted on an 8"x 8" Clayboard.....and I hate the surface of the clay board...it just sucks all the oil out of the paint.  I will never buy this again.  Any of you have similar results?  I thought I was buying Gessoboard which I love.


Marcela Strasdas said...

I haven't tried clay board but have had similar experiences with some surfaces, like a few canvases I bought and I hated painting in them. gOod to know what we like and what we don't, right? Gesso board is by far my favourite! I like how loose your painting is Linda!

LindaHunt said...

Hi, Marcela....glad to hear that you have had similar experiences....when the paint can't move it is very frustrating! Thanks for commenting!