Sunday, July 5, 2015

Salt Marsh

First of all I need to photograph this painting again because it has a glare on it.
Having said that I am really pleased with this tiny 6"x 8" painting done in oil on Gessobord.  I worked from a photograph that my husband took of a salt marsh in Beaufort County.  I have learned so much from the Putnam DVD and like to listen to her speak when I am painting.  I find that I am always picking up another little tidbit of information.  One of the critical things that I learned was how important it is to have a variety of brushstrokes and in different directions.  It helps to make the painting more complex and interesting.  I also worked the color pushing the darks and finding a wide range of greens.  If you are familiar with Putnam's work you will find these elements in her work.  Painting is a combination of lots of thought and fun surprises.

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