Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Camillia' by Linda Hunt floral original painting

In this painting I wanted a deeper space and set the still life back with an exspanse of foreground. I worked the color to intensify the foreground enough to hold the weight of the background. Loved working with these wide open flowers...such a pleasure. 8X8 oil canvas panel


Virginia Floyd said...

I think your paintings are getting richer and more sophisticated. These latest works are really well done!

Dana Cooper said...

Colorful, fresh and beautiful Linda!

Victor Errington said...

A lovely painting Linda. beautiful colours. I liked your posting before this one also. All the best Linda.
vic .

LindaHunt said...

Virginia thank you so much!

Thank you Dana!

Vic...thank you so much for your very nice comment!

martinealison said...

Une toile qui embaume tant vos fleurs sont ├ęclatantes...
Gros bisous

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