Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I couldn't help but paint a close up of these beautiful bottles of nail polish. I loved the light that looked like a halo around each bottle. The colors of the shadows were equally compelling.
6X6 inches
Blick canvas panel (Archival)


Dusty Pines said...

those colors are something together with the background - and i really like the energetic movement of the shapes & brushstrokes! thank you!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Good one Linda. I like the grayed down background tones against the vibrant red and pinks.

Amber L. Bailey said...

"Oh my gosh" is what I thought when i first saw this, I LOVE IT! It's kinda like what I've been doing lately. So fun!

Ruth Andre said...

Love the close up Vanity piece. Fun to see the rendered glass. Lovely colors.

Stephen Parker said...

The abstracted blocks of color play off each other so well in this composition, Linda. The thick texture of the paint strokes just adds to the effect. Such a seemingly simple piece, it's also 36 square inches packed with art. Beautiful.

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