Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have these really pretty glass plates from the 40's that are clear with a vaiety of bright colored lines in a circular pattern. They are among my favoites. I cut one of the beautiful red apples and placed it on the plate on a very light background.

6x6 inches
canvas panel


Victor Errington said...

Linda, Crunch Crunch, I love it. well done and all the best.

judy Holder said...

Looking at art blogs today and found your work, enjoy the colors and subtle warm and cool of the above painting of apples on the glass plate. I like seeing the paint strokes and it reminds me a little of Wayne Thiebaud's art that I admire. Good work..

LindaHunt said...

Hi Vic! Thanks for stopping by!

LindaHunt said...

Thanks, Judy! I like Thiebauds work and especially enjoy his cake series. You can just taste the frositng!!! Glad you stopped by and come again.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Linda, I love this, your loose, and effortless style is beautiful!

Stephen Parker said...

Hi, Linda,

You did a great job with the transparency of your 40s plates. And you're right. They're a very cool design.

I also enjoyed your Raspberry Lemonade piece today on Daily Painter Originals. Another wonderful piece with another really cool plate.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings said...

Ok, so I loved the Raspberry Lemonade, but the apples are tres magnifique in every way.

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